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January 20, 2018 / 12:27 pm EST

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Safecoat Paints
Safecoat Paints Sep 11, 2011
Breathe Easy with Safecoat Paints from AFM Naturals

Anyone who has a sensitivity to chemicals or the materials used in many normal building products knows the relief of finding a product that is safe to use and safe to breathe in after application. No more headaches, no more allergic reactions, no more worrying about the effects of the substance on yourself or your family members. Having a chemical sensitivity, or even making a personal decision to use a finishing product, that is safe, environmentally friendly and healthy should not mean that you have to compromise on quality, durability or style. This is the firm belief of AFM Naturals, the company behind the Safecoat line of paint products, and the makers of over forty building products that are low in toxicity and free of harmful additives.


Many years ago, people did not realize that what they used in their homes and other interior spaces to paint, finish surfaces and build or renovate could be hazardous to their health. Continued exposure to lead-based paints, asbestos, products containing formaldehyde, and a host of other harmful ingredients caused a wide array of symptoms in people, from headaches to lifelong health issues. Today, people are more aware that what goes in to building and furnishing a home or workspace has a huge impact on quality of life and the health of everyone who resides or works there. The use of Safecoat paints and finishes creates a safe coating to seal surfaces that may cause harmful gas pollutants contained in construction materials to leak into the air. AFM Naturals products are unlike other manufacturers’ products that claim to be “low VOC,” but often still contain other harmful additives. Acetone, ammonia and other substances can compromise the health of people who are exposed to it repeatedly.


AFM Naturals was ahead of the curve when they began testing and developing their first products in the early 1970’s. Jay Watts, the company’s founder, began working closely with medical professionals to develop product formulas that would be safe for the health of customers while also upholding high product standards. AFM Naturals still creates every product with this in mind, and is focused especially on people who have allergic reactions, sensitivities to certain chemicals or substances, or who are looking for safe products for use in schools, hospitals, and other buildings where the occupants have special air quality needs. Today, the company’s product offerings range from their Safecoat paints, primers, stains, sealers, and clear finishes to household cleaners and roof coatings.


The products offered today by AFM are recognized by several organizations for their high standards and environmental friendliness. This is due in part to AFM’s practice of field testing all their products and only offering products that are tolerated by those with high sensitivities or needs. If it is healthy and beneficial for them, it must be healthy and beneficial for all. This dedication to creating safe products has earned the Safecoat product line the Scientific Certification Systems’ Indoor Advantage Gold Certification. Their products also meet LEED standards. In 2010, AFM introduced a new line of products, Safecoat Naturals, which are organic, biodegradable, plant-based oil paints. 

Whether you are building a home or picking out the perfect healthy paint for your baby’s nursery, choosing Safecoat paints and other AFM products will give you a beautiful outcome and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your product is safe for your family and safe for the environment.

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