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November 23, 2017 / 8:20 am EST

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NokiaSep 11, 2011
“Green” Cell Phones Put the Environment First

It seems difficult to remember what life was like before cell phones. Today, you can stay connected to all the people in your life anytime, anywhere. But did you know your cell phone could also help you stay greener? If going green in all areas of life is important to you, then you may be interested in how Nokia phones not only connect you with your world, but also help you take care of your world.

Nokia is leading the way in the green cell phone market with their commitment to produce phones that are energy efficient, contain recycled materials, and are themselves recyclable. As a company, Nokia strives to incorporate environmental awareness and sustainability into all aspects of product development and manufacturing. Here is how Nokia became the top green technology company:


Putting Environmental Concern at the Forefront


1.      Nokia’s green thinking is embedded into the very make-up of the company, from corporate policies, to design solutions, to meeting strict environmental and ethical standards.

2.      The eco-conscious decisions made by the company affect an ever-widening ring of people and help improve sustainability worldwide. For instance, when Nokia worked to reduce packaging on all their products, this meant less materials used for packaging, more items being shipped using fewer transportation vehicles and reuse of items like chargers, which are often purposely not included in Nokia’s new phone packaging.


Creating Greener Phones


1.      Nokia was the first company to introduce renewable materials in cell phones, including bio plastics, bio paints and recycled metals.

2.      Nokia uses life cycle assessments on all their products to better develop products with a reduced environmental impact.


Using Recycling and Recycled Materials


1.      95% of Nokia’s phone packaging is made of renewable materials, with up to 60% of the packaging made from recycled materials.

2.      Nokia’s packaging is 100% recyclable.

3.      All the materials in Nokia devices can be reused, reducing future waste.


Reducing Energy Usage


1.      Nokia has worked to reduce the amount of energy used in their phone chargers by 95%.

2.      Nokia actively encourages users to unplug their phones. All Nokias sound an alert when the battery is finished recharging, helping to reduce “no-load” energy. According to Nokia, the energy lost when phones are left unnecessarily plugged in could collectively be used to power 100,000 European homes!

3.      Nokia phones are equipped with a special Power Save mode, as well as other adjustable energy saving settings.


The Ovi App Store Green Channel


1.      Nokia’s App store, Ovi, offers the Ovi Store Green Channel, which compiles all of Nokia’s eco-friendly apps in one location.

2.      Nokia’s green apps are designed to make green living easier for users with green tips, eco-friendly travel apps, and even apps that increase the energy efficiency of the Nokia phone. With Ovi’s green apps, accessing green information is a breeze wherever you are.


Nokia’s motto, “The Power of We,” is visible in every aspect of their operation as a company and in their product offerings. The belief that everyone working together to improve technology while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of inefficient products, package waste, and energy loss is behind Nokia’s standing as the top green technology company. Cell phones are becoming more important on a day-to-day basis worldwide, and Nokia shows that it is possible to embrace the necessity of having a cell phone and to feel good about the environmental impact of the phone you choose.

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