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December 14, 2017 / 9:50 am EST


jane iredale Mineral Cosmetics
jane iredale Mineral CosmeticsApr 6, 2012
It Looks Like my Skin, Only Better!

For many women, makeup is a daily and fun ritual. In fact, you might even hear some women say they won’t leave the house without “putting on their face.” Women with scars, acne, skin conditions, or other perceived imperfections may view putting on makeup as essential for making it through the day. No matter what the reason for wearing makeup, most women are choosy and have brands and products that they claim as favorites. Whether it’s the color, the coverage, or the way it makes them feel, adherence to a particular product or brand is common. But do any of the products in your makeup bag actually work to improve the health of your skin? Are they free of toxins, dyes and preservatives that might cause skin reactions or allergies? Do they enhance your natural beauty. . .or merely cover it up?

Jane Iredale formed Iredale Mineral Cosmetics in 1994, after working in television, film production and theatre. One thing that actors and actresses rely upon extensively is good quality makeup, whether it is to achieve a particular look for the red carpet or to transform themselves for a role. In fact, the careers of many actors and actresses sometimes depend on a clear, healthy, glowing complexion. Based on her experience working within the industry, Jane turned her focus to developing a line of makeup that would not simply mask problems or cover imperfections, but that could actually transform the health of skin. jane iredale became the first company to offer a full line of makeup products based on minerals.

What makes these products so special? jane iredale makeup is trusted and recommended by doctors, dermatologists and professional makeup artists. This mineral-based line of makeup and skincare products can help soothe skin, lessen imperfections, make your skin feel and look better, and actually help improve the look of your skin. With jane iredale products, you are freed from covering your face with a “mask” of makeup. Instead, you can enhance your own natural beauty and allow your best qualities to shine, even if you don’t have “perfect” skin. After all, isn’t that what wearing make up is really all about?

Why are minerals a wonderful ingredient for makeup? According to Jane Iredale, “The benefits of mineral makeup are impressive. Minerals allow the skin to breathe and function normally – a boon to all skin types but especially for those who are sensitive or suffer from acne or rosacea…. Since it is non-comedogenic and oil-free, it is very effective for acneic and rosacea-prone skins.” This may come as a huge relief to women who have searched far and wide for a product to help them feel good about their problem skin. Even if you have normal skin, you may find mineral makeup to offer great benefits, especially if you are concerned about the ingredients found in conventional makeup.

What advantages are there to using what is known as “the skin care makeup?” Plenty! “Minerals are so versatile that practically any look is attainable,” explains Jane, ”But I think a phrase that I’ve heard more than any other to describe the finished effect is: ‘It looks like my skin only better.’ Perhaps in the end, this is what attracts women and men to mineral makeup.” Mineral based makeup also doesn’t contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. jane iredale products are extensively tested for sensitivity, allergies, anti-inflammatory properties, and water resistance. The results of these tests, which are never performed on animals, show that jane iredale products result in no sensitivity issues, and in fact may help calm skin. As an added bonus, the makeup ingredients do not include perfume, alcohols, chemical dyes or preservatives. So instead of putting on a substance daily that contains possible irritants or toxins, you can put on a substance that enhances your natural beauty and promotes the health of your skin.

How is jane iredale mineral makeup different from other makeup? The way mineral makeup works is part of the reason why it has such an enhancing effect on your skin. Mineral makeup products are a blend of ground minerals and pigments that form flat particles. This type of process allows the formation of a layer of overlapping particles-like fish scales- that filter out pollutants in the air and allow the skin to breathe. This layer adheres to skin but doesn’t need special cleansers to remove it, provides an effective sun protection factor of up to 30, and won’t run or smear due to exercise or daily activities. Minerals, although often a mixture of naturally occurring and laboratory-created ingredients, are often “cleaner” than makeup formulations in traditional makeup products.

 To learn about jane iredale and the benefits of mineral makeup, you can visit To shop the collection of products, visit If you’ve been living with skin problems, allergies or sensitivities, and despaired of ever finding relief or a makeup you can trust. If you’ve been searching for a makeup line to love, one that will enhance your natural beauty, allow your skin to be healthy and beautiful, and leave out the chemicals, dyes and toxins, you may find yourself throwing out what’s in your makeup bag to make room for your new jane iredale mineral cosmetics!

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