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December 14, 2017 / 9:54 am EST


Green Planet Films
Green Planet FilmsFeb 16, 2015
Nature and Environmental Films

Many people around the world are becoming more and more concerned about the welfare of our planet. Getting accurate, and complete information about the various troubles as well as miracles of our Earth can be difficult. There are too many unreliable sources on the internet, and it can be difficult to find the concrete data amongst all the false information.

There is a company that aims to change all that. Green Planet Films was founded in 2003 by Suzanne Harle. Harle was at a wildlife film festival in 2002, getting ready to jump in to the world of wildlife filmmaking. While there, she saw many films, chock full of information that would likely never make it to the general public. That’s when the idea for Green Planet Films hit her.

Green Planet Films, based out of Mill Valley, California is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between environmental education films and the increasingly curious public. Films about the human relationship with nature that can bring about a positive change when a larger audience can see it. Films about deforestation, water resources, ocean conservation, renewable energies, climate change, sustainable fishing, and endangered wildlife are just some of the topics available through Green Planet Films.

In order to expand the reach of these films, in 2011 Green Planet Films updated their platform by launching a new site, Green Planet Film Streaming. This allows an international viewership to have access to these incredible films, as well as making it possible for public libraries to share these films with their local patrons.

Even colleges and universities can use Green Planet Film Streaming to show important environmental films. For those that want to simply view a film in the privacy of their own home, the rates are very affordable. You can have access to all of the films on Green Planet Film Streaming for 3 days for $5, 14 days for $10, and $18 for one month. If you decide you’d like to watch more, simply re-subscribe for another session.

If someone with a passion for environmental films wants to purchase a monthly subscription to the online streaming, that option is also available. Public libraries have an introductory price for a full year subscription for only $499. Colleges and universities can license and stream environmental films via Green Planet Film’s partner Kanopy Streaming, making those films available institution-wide.

Not all films are streaming only. Many of the films available also have a download option. Green Planet Films believe in the power of film to make a difference, and will do whatever it takes to make these informational films available to as many people as possible in as many formats as they can.

If you would prefer a hard copy of a film on DVD, don’t worry about any negative impact to the environment. The DVD cases used to house your choice of film is recycled from libraries that purchase DVDs that they then move to more secure cases, leaving the original DVD case with no purpose but to be recycled. There is no shrink wrap used due to the harmful effects of the fumes on the people involved in the process, and also no need to use wasteful plastic.

Green Planet Films uses only envelopes that they can print directly on, eliminating the need of a separate label. Whenever a shipment requires a box, they re-use boxes that were sent to them for one reason or another, as well as any packing materials included in those boxes. Earth Friendly Films does everything in their power to protect the environment through knowledge presented in their films, and they won’t neglect that environment through unnecessary waste in packaging.

Now films like TRASHED with Jeremy Irons, Sand Wars, Hunger in America and Cow Power can be seen by audiences all over the world, instead of limited to private, genre specific film festivals. Films that were once limited to small audiences can now be seen at homes, colleges, universities, and children’s classrooms. Public libraries can share these films with their patrons, and people can obtain private access to these films to enjoy and learn on their own.

Green Planet Films continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of their patrons. New films are being added soon, and if you want to share a film that moves you with a large group of people, it’s as simple as purchasing the public viewing rights to a film before you can share it. Green Planet Films makes it easy to learn through the power of film, giving freely the knowledge needed to make a difference on planet earth.


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