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November 23, 2017 / 8:20 am EST

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Eco Swim
Eco SwimApr 20, 2014
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Sand

It’s that time of year again . . . the weather is slowly warming up, and thoughts turn to summer. Putting away the winter clothes and bringing out your warm weather wear might remind you that your old bathing suit probably won’t cut it for another season. If you dread that age-old problem of finding a new suit that fits, flatters, and feels good, let’s offer another solution: a suit that does all that and is good for the environment. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than the feel of the warm sand on your toes, the wonderful touch of the sea breeze across your face, and the feeling of that soothing water on a hot summer day. But the reality is that we need to do our part so future generations can enjoy the beach just as much as we do, and all it takes is purchasing what is sure to become your favorite bathing suit!

An Eco Swim suit, by Aqua Green, is the swim suit you’ve been searching for. The styles are on par with the latest fashion house trends. The feel and fit are perfect for any bathing beauty. And the materials and company philosophy are completely green! What more could anyone ask for? Aqua Green, the company that makes the Eco Swim suit, has both family and the planet at the forefront of everything they do.

A 4th generation company that has been making swimwear right in their original Pennsylvania location for over 70 years, Aqua Green made it their mission to become the most sustainable swimwear manufacturer on the planet after noticing that the world had become very different in the years since the company began. Aqua Green’s Samantha and Alex Waldman say, "When our great grandfather started this company 75 years ago, the oceans and beaches were cleaner places. Four generations later, in a world with polluted water and dirty beaches, Aqua Green is answering a call to restore our oceans' health."

From sourcing the materials locally to packaging their swimwear using “green” tags and recycled hangers, Eco Swim by Aqua Green works to make the process as sustainable as possible. New technologies allow the company to create green fabrics that are as comfortable and durable as traditional fabrics. Using fabric made from plastic bottles and plastic bags is a first step, plus the company relies on recycled nylon, polyester and cotton. Eco Swim then goes much further. The elastics, so important in a bathing suit that fits right and lasts, use recycled components, one of which is actually better than the non-recycled elastic! Even the bra cups are green (and every woman knows the importance of a supportive bathing suit bra cup). Eco Swim’s cups are made from Eco Cell foam, which is biodegradable and made from plant oils and recycled materials.

An “Eco” bathing suit won’t do anyone any good if customers no longer have safe, beautiful places to wear their Eco Swim suits. That’s why the company’s philosophy, “reducing our carbon footprint in the sand,” is so important, and why they go the extra mile to ensure our planet has a bright green future. They walk the walk by participating in beach clean ups that have so far helped them remove over four tons of trash from oceans and waterways! Also, the company is vigilant about using green manufacturing processes, making suits in the USA, and helping partner factories globally use sustainable practices, too. Swimwear tags, labels, and packaging are recycled or recyclable, and the company’s recycled hangers have set a new industry standard!

Every woman knows that a bathing suit with the perfect fit and style is the Holy Grail of summer shopping. You’ll be delighted at the on-trend styles and classically flattering fits you find when you shop Eco Swim’s suits. Cute and comfortable bikinis, figure flattering one piece styles, and trendy looks that stepped right off the runway: Eco Swim has them all. And the best part is, not only will you look good in your Eco Swim suit, you’ll be helping the beaches we love look good for many future generations of swimmers!


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