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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST

Fashion and Accessories

Deborah Lindquist
Deborah Lindquist Jul 27, 2010
Where Eco Meets Couture

With a blend of earth-friendly materials and the rebirth of certain fabrics, Deborah Lindquist takes eco-couture to new heights. The cutting edge style of her clothing encourages the boldest of organic fashion forward consumers to explore the beauty of eco-friendly fashion. Based in Los Angeles, Lindquist launched her company in 2004 and has since made quite a bit of noise in the green clothing community.

Rocker Girl Meets the Gypsy

Lindquist has combined recycled vintage cashmere, wool, leather, beaded wool, and vintage buttons into her current collection "Rocker girl meets the Gypsy." The fabrics to grace your skin are eco-conscious and include the likes of hemp blends, organic wool, peace silk, micromodal blends, organic cotton, and alpaca. Lindquist is also looking into incorporating new and atypical fabrics of the green fashion world into her future collections, such as soy silk, ingeo, and sea cell.

A few Rocker Girl Meets the Gypsy pieces include:

* Legging with an elastic waist (Hemp / Cotton / Spandex)

* Long peasant skirt (Recycled cotton interlock knit)

* Dolman sleeve dress (Micromodal / Silk / Spandex)

* Basic long sleeve crew neck t-shirt (Micromodal / Silk)

In the past, Lindquist has tempted fashionistas with her Fall/Winter collection called "Goth girl goes to the Country," which offered dark colors and stylish items, such as a hemp/cotton corduroy circle skirt (lined with organic cotton and decorated with vintage leather skull appliqués).

Green Wedding Wear

Lindquist possesses a certain flair for inserting a confident, bold attitude into her clothing line that even appears in her green wedding pieces. Shrugs and sweaters are made out of vintage cashmere. Her green wedding collection offers couture inspired gowns, bustier tops, and chic column skirts. From the edgy Vintage Lace Bustier to the sophisticated Organic Linen Dress, Lindquist provides wedding options to satisfy a wide range of personal styles.

Trendsetting Fashions

Deborah Lindquist fashion is found in the closets of celebrities, such as Pink, Christina Aguilera, Rhianna, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton. Magazines, such as Brides, Maxim, People, Elle, and In Style, rush to highlight the latest Lindquist trends. Her designs have also been featured on the runways of the L.A.'s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris.

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? The latest collection of Deborah Lindquist clothing could be in a store near you, including shops in California, Massachusetts, New York, and Canada.

Image Credit: Deborah Lindquist 



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