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December 14, 2017 / 9:49 am EST

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Neuaura Shoes
Neuaura ShoesAug 5, 2012
Dress Your Feet in Vegan, Animal-Free Style

If you want to be dressed in eco-conscious style from head to toe, you may be interested in Neuaura's stylish cruelty-free fashions for your feet. Whether you love a cute wedge, soft and comfy ballet style slip-on, or a breezy sandal for summer, Neuaura has a shoe that won't compromise your eco-conscious beliefs.

When Arti Upadhyay left her job designing shoes for a small footwear company to start her own shoe design business, the lifelong vegetarian knew the style and design of her shoes were important, but being animal-free and sustainable was crucial. Arti's ability to find design inspiration in small facets of everyday life meant that her shoes would be unique in the world of mass market footwear, but her commitment to animals and the planet are what truly set her company apart from the rest.

To produce a shoe that was both sustainable and respectful to animals, Arti incorporated several important practices into her company. A portion of Neuaura shoes are manufactured in a sustainable factory in southern Brazil. The Neuaura factory is associated with a union, formed in 1996, tasked with making production less harmful to the environment and dealing with solid waste in a responsible manner. The Union of the Footwear and Footwear Components Companies oversees the environmental practices of the companies associated with it. One way they do this is to ensure that all factories within the union recycle according to their guidelines. Each shoebox from Neuaura is stamped with the Union's green seal to show the shoes are produced in a green facility.

In addition to sustainable production, Arti wanted to ensure that her company gave back in a way that mattered to her. A lifelong animal lover, she decided that Neuaura would donate 5% of its annual net proceeds to non-profits that preserve the welfare of animals or protect the environment. Recipients of funding from Neuaura’s sales include a widely varied list of organizations, which are first vetted through Charity Navigator to make sure they are meeting their mission effectively. These organizations include the Wildlife Conservation Society, Farm Sanctuary, the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and the Animal Welfare Institute. Thanks to Neuaura's generous donations, animals have been rescued from factory abuses, wildlife across the globe has been protected, pets have been adopted and public policy issues regarding the treatment of animals have been supported.

The shoes that represent these bold missions are just as stylish and comfortable as you would hope. There are no animal products in any of the shoes manufactured by Neuaura, so buying a pair of these vegan shoes is completely guilt-free. For spring and summer, you'll find colorful strappy sandals, stylish ballerina flats made of eco-friendly materials, or fun and comfortable lace-ups. For cooler weather, you can try a pair of faux fur lined boots, closed toe heels, or neutral oxfords. New designs and collections are added regularly, so you can always find fresh styles to suit your mood.

No matter what your taste in shoes, Neuaura has the perfect pair to go with any outfit, rain or shine, and in any season. The good news for true eco-fashionistas is that when you buy a pair of Neuaura shoes, you are buying more than a fashion accessory. You are also helping to support a company with higher goals than merely turning a profit. Your purchase supports Neuara’s efforts to operate sustainably and to give to organizations that support the protection and preservation of our planet’s most vulnerable creatures. With Neuaura shoes, your feet will feel happy and look good while your conscience will rest easy.

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