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December 14, 2017 / 9:54 am EST

Fashion and Accessories

Eco-Vintage Jewelry
Eco-Vintage Jewelry Sep 30, 2010
By Mark Edge

Vintage jewelry evokes images of beautiful and ageless pieces handed down through generations.  With this in mind, jewelry designer Mark Edge has crafted a sustainable jewelry line with an eco-vintage theme. His pieces are stunning and stylish and at the same time tread lightly on the Earth. “Vintage jewelry lines have the potential to look old and worn out, but I melded the old and new to create a fresh look,” explains Mark, “being timeless and elegant.” 

Mark's Inspiration

Mark was inspired to create this unique collection when he was recently involved in renovating his home in Atlanta in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The original detailing and historic features in this turn of the century building were lovingly restored by Mark. The restoration work gave Mark the ideas for the eco-vintage line, including the dark stained wood trims and tarnished brass.

Who Loves Mark

Mark’s creations are one-of-a-kind, inspired by natural elements and organic lines. These exclusive pieces of jewelry are classical and beautifully designed to accentuate the personality of the woman or man who is wearing it. Mark Edge has made a name for himself as a jewelry designer to the stars, with Courtney Cox Arquette proclaiming her love for his jewelry. Mark already has a loyal following of fans. A host of celebrities speak of the versatility of his pieces. His gorgeous necklaces, earrings and bracelets partner perfectly with a classic business suit, casual jeans or with your favorite little black dress. Mark is well known for capturing the imagination of women around the world, and now he has captured the attention of the socially and environmentally conscious woman.

Mark Stays True to Form

For those of you who already enjoy wearing Mark’s jewelry, you will be pleased to learn that in developing his eco-vintage range, he has not given up on his signature vintage style. Through this jewelry line he has built on his classic style to produce unique pieces in an environmentally conscious theme. Mark has gathered recycled and reclaimed materials to craft his jewelry. This includes a range of metals and wood, unclaimed old chains, fittings and vintage crystals. The pieces in the eco-vintage line have been designed for both women and men to enjoy, with Mark crafting simply stylish necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The collection is focused on reusing materials and objects for a totally different purpose than that which they were originally designed. This eco-vintage jewelry line appeals to a consumer who has a passion for protecting the planet and conserving resources but who does not want to compromise on beauty and style. 

Green is the new bling

The eco-vintage collection includes charm bracelets with peace signs and vintage coins as well as wonderful reclaimed items boldly put together into necklaces. As Mark likes to say, “More and more people are walking the talk when it comes to saving the planet and eco-vintage lets them do that in style.” Each piece of jewelry in Mark Edge’s eco-vintage collection is perfectly crafted by hand, giving a wonderful attention to detail and creating individual and unique items that you will want to keep forever. The colors and materials used by Mark evoke a feeling of a bygone era as well as an element of green and sustainable luxury for the wearer.

Mark Edge firmly believes that “green is the new bling.” By pairing old jewelry styles with new metals, Mark has produced gorgeous and timeless eco-vintage pieces that whisper ‘less is more’. Through his jewelry he offers us all a guilt-free indulgence. To see Mark Edge’s fabulous eco-vintage collection visit





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