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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST

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Gucci is Green
Gucci is GreenSep 22, 2013
Iconic Global Fashion House is Going Green

Gucci is known the world over for high-end Italian fashion. The Gucci logo, two capital "G's" intertwined, has become the symbol for luxury and craftsmanship in handbags, shoes and clothing. Although the brand has been offering glamorous fashions since 1921, the fashion house has recently taken steps to meld their iconic focus on luxury with a new focus on modern fashion design's responsibility to sustainable practices. The result of this green focus is several new initiatives that maintain the quality and integrity of the Gucci name while exploring ways to bring high fashion into a greener future.

Gucci Sustainable Packaging

Gucci has focused on reducing their environmental impact since at least 2010, when the global brand began using 100% recyclable packaging with Forest Stewardship Council Certified paper. Now, following the introduction of their sustainable eyewear collection in 2011, Gucci is introducing eco-friendly eyewear packaging for sunglasses and optical frames. When customers purchase Gucci eyewear with the sustainable case, they will get information on the green features of the package, as well as an envelope for them to use to mail the case for recycling.

Other packaging changes made by Gucci include focusing on online cards and catalogs to replace printed materials, and the use of Gucci packaging, designed by Frida Giannini, that uses beater dyed paper and cotton ribbon rather than plastic laminate and polyester ribbon. All paper used by Gucci in their packaging is from certified forests. The fashion house is also committed to reducing transportation by 30%, and have introduced eco-friendly mannequins made with recyclable polystyrene with water-based paints to replace previous mannequins.

Gucci Sustainable Soles

Are your soles sustainable? If you are wearing Gucci ballerina flats or men's sneakers from Gucci's "Sustainable Soles" collection, they are. The eco-friendly addition to Gucci's footwear collection was designed by Frida Giannini and seeks to meld classic style with modern sustainability. The women's Marola Green ballerina flats are made from a "bio-plastic," which is biodegradable, and created to replace petrochemical-based plastics. The flats are available in black, blush, taupe and black with white interlocking G design. The men haven't been left out of the greening of Gucci footwear, as they have the California Green sneaker, a low- or high-top shoe made completely out of eco-friendly materials that still maintains the high-end Gucci look. Non-environmentally friendly materials are out, and bio-rubber soles, vegetable-tanned calfskin, and eco-conscious strings and metal are in.

Jewelry Certification

Gucci's jewelry division may be small, but that doesn't mean it was overlooked by the brand as they focused on sustainability. Gucci joined the Responsible Jewelry Council several years ago, and achieved certification from the Council's Member Certification System in 2012. Gucci's jewelry meets the highest standards in ethical, social, and environmental arenas.

Owning an item with the Gucci logo is a certain kind of status symbol. It speaks of quality, tradition, and the ultimate luxury. Now, that iconic logo will also represent the measures the global brand is taking to offer the best in high-end luxury fashion and sustainability. Those interlocking G's may soon symbolize Gucci’s commitment to a green and sustainable future.


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