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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST

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Po Campo Bags
Po Campo Bags Jan 25, 2014
Is that a Po Campo Bag You’re Carrying?

Be prepared for your friends and acquaintances to ask that question when you carry one of Po Campo’s bike, yoga, or travel bags with you. These fun and functional carry-alls are both stylish and practical, and look as at home strapped with the exclusive CONNECT system to your bike as they do accessorizing your favorite new outfit!

Po Campo was the brainchild of Maria Boustead, a Chicago-area industrial designer who was searching for an appropriate bag to accompany her on her daily communte to work . . . by bicycle. She was on the lookout for something practical enough to handle daily changes in weather, yet stylish enough to appeal to her personal design aesthetics. Since the bag she was seeking didn’t exist, she decided in 2009 to create it herself, and the very first Po Campo - at the time a “bike bag,”- was born. Since then, Po Campo bags have become the go-to stylish bags for active people.

Originally designed to be a practical way for bike commuters to tote their necessities to and from work, or anywhere else they intended to go, Po Campo has expanded throughout the last several years to include trendy handbags, small satchels, and even convenient baby bags! Europeans, who rely on bicycle travel almost daily, love Po Campo’s style, weather resistance, and convenience just as much as Po Campo’s devotees here stateside do. People who lead active lifestyles love the fact that a Po Campo bag can connect securely to a bike, stroller, or other form of mobile transportation, plus it allows other items, such as a yoga mat, to be securely attached to it. No more juggling an armful of supplies everyday!

Although Po Campo bags are designed to look good, they also have to be functional and durable. That's why the company chooses their fabrics and materials so carefully. Po Campo customers like their bags to be easy to clean and able to handle all types of weather conditions. Although the company has not found a recycled fabric that meets their high standards for maintainance and durability, they did debut four popular bags in 2012 that are vegan and completely leather-free. Several of Po Campo's bags can tote an iPad, one fits a 13" laptop, and many feature the option to accessorize with matching changing pads, so busy moms can tote their belongings and baby's necessities all at once.

Getting well-made, fashionable bags into the hands of people who need them is Po Campo's main focus, but their vision reaches beyond product supply. In order to manufacture their bags, the company relies on a facility in Chicago, plus a second manufacturing facility in China. Their overseas facility is certified for safety and belongs to SEDEX, an organization that monitors responsible, ethical business practices globally. Po Campo also fostered a partnership in May of 2013 with a local Chicago nonprofit, World Bicycle Relief, to support their mission of providing bicycles to people in Africa. The company has pledged to help World Bicycle Relief donate one bike to an African girl for every 25 bags sold online. This is crucial for girls in Africa, who often have to choose between school and chores. Having a bicycle opens up economic, educational, and social opportunities for them.

Whether you like to travel light with a Wristlet, or are more comfortable making sure all your daily necessities are stored in one travel bag, Po Campo has the innovative, trendy bag you're seeking. You can display your Po Campo handbag with all the flair of a Hollywood celebrity, or feel prepared for any situation with your convenient and durable tote. When your friends inquire about the eye-catching bag you always carry, you can proudly say "It's a Po Campo!"

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