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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST

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Mink Shoes
Mink ShoesFeb 24, 2013
Have Animal Friendly Eco-Personality

You've finally found the perfect pair of shoes to go with that outfit . . . they fit just right, are the right color, and have the flair you are looking for. The only problem? They are made with animal-based materials and are not eco-friendly. Do you compromise your values for fashion, or stick to your convictions and pass up those gotta-have shoes? Now, that's a choice you don't have to make, thanks to Rebecca Mink's fashionable vegan footwear.

Rebecca Mink has had a lifelong commitment to animal rights and the environment. Since she also had an intense love for high fashion, she found it disappointing that there was an obvious lack of choices for people who were looking for fashion that didn't require them to compromise their values just to look good. Instead of sitting back and letting the problem go, she decided to do something about it. With only her bold idea and some sketches she had done of a line of vegan footwear, Rebecca set off to Italy, the home of the best shoe makers in the world, in 2000. She was met with varying degrees of the word "no," until she came across shoemaker Marco Gambassi, who believed her idea could become reality.

The result of this collaboration between a girl with a dream and an Italian shoemaker from many generations of shoemakers was Mink Shoes, the first shoe collection made from vegan and sustainable materials. The collection debuted in 2004, and since that time Mink Shoes has created new styles and designs that combine high style with a commitment to materials that are friendly to both animals and the planet.

Each Mink shoe is custom designed and hand-made using non-animal alternative materials such as cork, linen, denim, faux fur, recycled materials, and recycled fabrics. What won't you find in any pair of Mink shoes? Those staples of traditional shoemaking: pelts, animal leather, suede, or animal skin. During the design process, before the first line of the Mink collection was launched, Mink and Gambassi researched fabrics and glues to determine what would best suit their vision and their commitment to green. They eventually made their own, coming up with a fabric that was strong and durable and a glue that was animal-free, yet high quality.

Each style of shoe is named for a particular animal, giving it a distinctive personality, and is made in limited production. Which unique style is right for you? You may find it hard to choose! Maybe you love the simple glamour of the Cow: a sparkly white canvas pump with a faux cow fur inner lining. It could be that you prefer a bold statement on your feet, such as the Cock, a bright red spike heel with brass studs on the toe and gold chains that dangle from the strap. Then there are the more exotic animals, such as the Elephant, available in both flat and heeled styles. This shoe features a custom made cork wedge heel, with recycled fabric and accents that give it a tribal feel. No matter which Mink Shoe adorns your feet, you can be sure the style will complement your look and the comfort and ease of wearing these hand-crafted shoes will be second to none.

Customers never have to worry if their vegan Mink Shoes are durable or well-crafted, as Mink and Gambassi machine-tested the shoes, and found they outperformed and outlasted traditionally made shoes. Your Mink Shoe will arrive in environmentally-friendly style, as Rebecca Mink carefully designed the shoebox and reusable bag from colorful recycled paper. Never again will your have to compromise comfort, luxury, or style in your quest for eco- and animal-friendly shoes. Mink Shoes are green shoes with high-fashion attitude!


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