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December 14, 2017 / 9:51 am EST

Fashion and Accessories

MONIQUE PÉANDec 23, 2014
Premier Environmentally Friendly Fine Jewelry

If you are looking for stunning, natural jewelry designed by one of the world’s leading jewelry designers, consider looking at MONIQUE PÉAN. Their jewelry is not only visually stunning, but is the forerunner of environmentally friendly and ethically produced jewelry.

Created in 2006, MONIQUE PÉAN is known for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Many pieces contain fossilized walrus ivory or fossilized dinosaur bone. These materials are also ethically obtained as MONIQUE PÉAN ensures that all diamonds and fossils are gathered, not mined, as well as using only conflict and devastation free semi-precious stones.

MONIQUE PÉAN’s goal is to not only provide beautiful, unique art, but to also raise awareness of cultural and environmental issues through their beautiful designs. Some of the proceeds from MONIQUE PÉAN sales go to various global philanthropic organizations that provide clean water and sanitation assistance to people where these things are not standard.

MONIQUE PÉAN is clearly committed to spreading awareness about the need for environmental and social responsibility. They also practice what they preach, always using environmentally responsible methods of getting all their materials, as well as using 18 carat recycled gold and platinum.

Not only does MONIQUE PÉAN use only recycled 18 carat gold, they are also a member of the “No Dirty Gold” campaign, which is an organization that ensures that when gold is mined, it is done so in a way that doesn’t damage the local environment or the economy of the community. This campaign also makes a point to educate not only retailers but also consumers and manufacturers about the effects of reckless and negligent gold mining.

Too Precious to Wear is also a campaign that MONIQUE PÉAN supports, which aims to protect live coral everywhere. Live coral is an important link to the world’s ecosystem, and when it’s harvested to be used in jewelry or home decor products, that link gets close to breaking and disrupting the environment in a catastrophic way.

MONIQUE PÉAN is no stranger to doing good in the world. They’ve built wells for disadvantaged people in Malawi, Mozambique and Haiti, providing them with a way to obtain clean drinking water that they didn’t have access to before. They are also funding clean water wells and water filtration projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.  If the future of trees in the world is a cause close to your heart, consider purchasing your high quality, unique jewelry from MONIQUE PÉAN in the month of April, when they donate proceeds from sales to Tree for the Future, an organization that works specifically with farming communities in areas that have been environmentally degraded.

Not only is MONIQUE PÉAN dedicated to producing jewelry that is socially and environmentally responsible, but they are also handmade by master craftsmen in New York and around the world. MONIQUE PÉAN uses artisans around the world to support their individual cultures and traditional craftsmanship.  MONIQUE PÉAN works with artisans from the Arctic Circle to Colombia, including French Polynesia, Guatemala, Peru and the Philippines. MONIQUE PÉAN has an in-house expert that supervises each step in the jewelry making process, from source to setting, in order to maintain their high standards of quality. They also ensure that all jewelry meets their high sustainability standards.  Free trade is also critical to MONIQUE PÉAN, as well as firm labor and safety operation restrictions for all companies, artisans and manufacturers they work with.

The jewelry offered by MONIQUE PÉAN is visually delicate, with many pieces one of a kind. The fossilized cream Walrus Ivory Blueprint Scrimshaw ring has a unique design, encircled by sustainably produced diamonds and made from 18 carat recycled white gold. They also have a necklace that is bold and geometric, a saturated blue Fossilized Walrus Ivory Geometric link necklace, also made with recycled gold, this time 18 carat yellow.

If you want to be certain that no one else will have the same jewelry as you do at the next work cocktail party, a pair of these Fossilized Dinosaur Bone open link earrings will certainly do the trick. They’re modern, but also millions of years old. It’s certainly a bold contradiction and a great way to start a conversation.

MONIQUE PÉAN is the leading jewelry designer and producer with a conscience. Their philanthropic efforts are equal to the quality of their one-of-a-kind, unique jewelry. If you’re looking for something no one else has, but also want to support companies that care about people and the environment, MONIQUE PÉAN is the only way to go.


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