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January 20, 2018 / 12:29 pm EST

Fashion and Accessories

Vegan Queen
Vegan Queen Jan 12, 2012
Bridges the Gap Between Eco-Conscious and Haute Couture

Being eco-conscious doesn't mean sacrificing a fabulous sense of style, thanks to the Vegan Queen's line of handbags, totes and clutches that look just as comfortable on the runway as any Fendi or Louis Vuitton. The big difference between The Vegan Queen's line of luxury items and other big-name lines is not the price or the luxe look. It's the utmost care for the quality, eco-friendly materials and sustainability of each item. Finally, those that have long been frustrated by the lack of eco-friendly chic in that most important of accessories have found their dream product!


The Vegan Queen is the title Evelina Kulikovsky gave herself to reflect her personal beliefs and her lifestyle. Evelina was a real Polish princess with a storied life and a determination to use her skills and talents to do good in the world. Already an accomplished opera singer and pianist, she attended Harvard University and went on to found the Vegan Queen brand. In addition, she was a 2009 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize! The Vegan Queen line of fashion accessories reflects her love of and connection to the world of fashion, while also representing her commitment to living an eco-friendly and vegan lifestyle. Unsatisfied with the world's leading brands of luxury accessories, Evelina began her own line in 2007, offering for the first time a look that could compete in the highest tier of fashion while also being eco-friendly, sustainable and animal friendly.


Just browsing the line of handbags and accessories in Vegan Queen's line shows that these products are already a step above your everyday bag. Rich colors such as gray, red, white and black plus details like the antique brass hardware with the Vegan Queen logo that adorn the bags mean these pieces will stand out in a crowd. Each carefully crafted item is listed with the materials used to create the piece. The Eco-IT bag is a trendy bowling-style bag made PVC-free of vegetal leather, with a 100% organic cotton dustbag. The Mini Diamond bag is an ultra fashionable clutch that features a nickel-free zipper, and is in the signature and eye-catching "diamond" shape of many of the Vegan Queen's bags. The Jet bag is perfect for the style conscious and eco-conscious man or woman, with organic cotton French terry lining and a size perfect for travel to any luxury resort or stylish city.


While care and thought have gone into the design and materials of each and every item offered by the Vegan Queen, it's not enough to simply make an eco-friendly product without also thinking about the production and delivery of the items. Every Vegan Queen item is delivered using carbon offsetting delivery methods, which helps support renewable energy projects. All items are also recyclable, non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free and made right here in the United States in a New York City-based factory. Even though it posed a challenge finding or creating the materials and manufacturing the handbags in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, the Vegan Queen rose to the challenge and made her vision a reality without compromising integrity or style. Thanks to the Vegan Queen, those who care about fashion no longer have to compromise their personal or social beliefs to look their best.


The Vegan Queen line of handbags and other accessories can be found at

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