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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST


Calvert Investments
Calvert InvestmentsNov 1, 2010
Socially Responsible Investing

Making a decision on where to invest your money is never easy. There are a range of criteria you might use to evaluate each opportunity. With an increasing number of companies offering socially responsible investing (SRI), the obvious course of investment can be marred by hidden details, fees and small print. Calvert Investments has been leading the transparent field in SRI for years and has worked hard to make the decisions easier for you.

There are opportunities to invest in companies that are socially and environmentally responsible; it is just a matter of finding them. This is where Calvert can help out. Calvert believes that “responsible management of environmental, social and governance factors contributes to sound financial performance which, in turn, can translate into long-term shareholder value.”

A history of responsible investment

Founded in 1976 and based in Maryland, Calvert is an investment management company managing over $14.5 billion in assets. They look after a range of institutional investors, retirement plans, financial intermediaries and their clients. Their approach to managing money is a very disciplined and rigorous one; incorporating thorough social and environmental research. Standing out from the crowd is easy for Calvert with their internationally renown managers; who specialize in sectors such as water supply and alternative energy. Another distinguishing feature of this investment company is the extensive research they undertake into integrated environmental, social and governance issues.

Offering a choice in SRI  

Calvert has recognized that people want choices in how they invest to meet their financial goals. The investment company offers three distinct approaches to SRI, which is really about giving someone who has an interest in this area more options. Calvert Solution Strategies are specifically focused investments in organizations developing products and services which tackle current sustainability and environmental problems. One of the portfolios in this strategy is the Calvert Global Water Fund. This fund advocates for fair access to water, fair pricing and how new technologies are impacting the planet.

On our behalf, Calvert is benchmarking the performance of some of the largest U.S-based socially-responsible companies. They have developed a Social Index which they use to assess and evaluate a number of companies based on their activities. Additionally, Calvert engages with a range of companies as shareholders, advocating for specific social and environmental transformation. This offers investors a unique opportunity to be involved in implementing actual change for the benefit of the planet.

Walking the talk

Calvert supports corporate responsibility in their own operations. They have waste reduction and recycling programs in place, implement energy-efficiency systems and purchase environmentally-preferred products. Through these programs they easily exceed the Montgomery County’s target recycling rate, which has helped the company win the Excellence in Recycling award.

Through outreach efforts and community alliances, Calvert seeks a balance of minority and female members in their workforce. The company’s community outreach program encourages their associates to be actively involved in a range of community services. The company is particularly proud of being included on the Working Mother magazine's list of "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers," as well as the Washingtonian Magazine's list of "Great Places to Work.”

If you are looking for investments that meet your financial goals and also have an impact on corporate responsibility and sustainability practices, check out Calvert. Additional details are available at



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