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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST


Eco-Friendly Credit Cards
Eco-Friendly Credit CardsDec 14, 2009
Shop Yourself Green

Eco-friendly credit cards and green banking options are providing consumers with new ways to minimize their impact on the planet.  From carbon offsets and charitable donations to eco rewards and planet-friendly cards, today’s financial institutions are taking initiatives to improve the planet.

Plastic-Free Plastic

A joint effort between Sony, Mitsubishi Plastics, and Dai Nippon Printing has resulted in the world’s first non-petroleum based credit card that is capable of multi-functional chip applications.  Nearly half of the materials used to produce the card are derived from biobased polymer, a plastic-like substance that does not depend on nonrenewable resources and decreases the typical emissions produced in plastic manufacturing.

Brighter Planet Checking 

Bank of America has partnered with Brighter Planet to offer customers an eco-friendly checking option that promotes renewable energy and sustainability.  Each time the Brighter Planet check card is used, a percentage of the purchase amount is allocated toward funding a renewable energy project.  Bank of America’s Brighter Planet credit card makes even more of an impact, allowing cardholders to track and reduce their carbon footprint while earning points that offset their emissions.

The first financial institution to open a platinum LEED certified banking center, Bank of America has invested at least $20 billion in eco initiatives within the past 3 years.  The company strives to finance sustainable commercial projects and offers reduced interest rates for homebuyers who meet Energy Star requirements as part of their environmental policy.

GreenPay MasterCard

Low APR, balance transfers, and no annual fee are not the only benefits of carrying a GreenPay MasterCard.  Every purchase rewards the cardholder with independently certified carbon offsets.  New accounts receive a 10,000-pound removal bonus and ordinary purchases remove 5 pounds of CO2 for every $1 spent.  Gasoline purchases and utility payments offset twice as much carbon for every $1 spent, offering a simple way for consumers to become carbon neutral through everyday spending.

HSBC Ecosmart MasterCard

The ecosmart MasterCard from HSBC offers reward points for every dollar spent, no matter where the purchase is made.  Ecosmart cardholders can choose to redeem their points for eco-friendly merchandise, travel rewards, cash back incentives, or gift cards – or donate the earnings to nonprofit organizations that promote environmental causes.  The eco-friendly credit card offers a 0% introductory rate, balance transfers, and no annual fee.

By Danielle Bullard



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