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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST


First Affirmative Financial Network
First Affirmative Financial Network Nov 28, 2011
Pairs “Good Fortune” With “Good Will”

SRI is growing across the country, and that's very good news, especially for investors. SRI is “sustainably responsible investing,” and it's a great way to invest your money with two outcomes: growing your investment and creating a positive impact on social and environmental causes. First Affirmative Financial Network, a Colorado-based investment and financial consulting firm, is on a mission to help individuals, institutions and investment advisers find sustainable investment opportunities that are both responsible and profitable. It's a great way to merge financial goals with personal values, and the resulting benefits can reach far beyond your investment portfolio.


First Affirmative began in 1988 and has been providing financial solutions that support wealth building and green investing ever since. Through a network of professional investment advisers located across the country, First Affirmative is able to offer an investment strategy they call Sustainable Investment Solutions.™ This system allows a potential investment portfolio client to set up a sound strategy for their financial portfolio with First Affirmative based on a combination of factors including personal financial goals, risk and individual social and environmental preferences. This means that each portfolio managed by a First Affirmative professional is individualized for the client, allowing investors to have control over how their money grows and the social and environmental causes their investments will support.


Services offered by First Affirmative Financial Network include asset management services, resources and financial tools. The Network also provides a donor-advised fund for philanthropists, community investing opportunities and a series of small conferences each year for investors and investment professionals, culminating in the “SRI in the Rockies” conference. It's all part of  First Affirmative's philosophy that by working together, individuals and institutions can improve the flow of money in ways that are positive and healthy for society.


The financial planning services offered by First Affirmative are based on sound financial principles that have performed increasingly well in the market. Investments are based on a screening process that takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. It then combines the positive or negative screening with profit potential analysis. This allows investors to receive financial returns on their investments made in companies that operate in an environmentally responsible manner, produce great products or support social rights and freedoms.


In addition to providing investors with the opportunity to “do good” with their financial investments, First Affirmative also demonstrates the importance of providing their clients with the education and information they need to make informed decisions. Each client learns exactly how their money will be managed with the Investment Policy Statement, and can have peace of mind knowing that First Affirmative will adhere to this policy during any market changes. First Affirmative also brings their resources, tools and knowledge directly to investors through their member services package, which includes the opportunity to attend the smaller conferences or the SRI in the Rockies event, which is the premier conference for the sustainable investment industry.


Green investing goes hand-in-hand with green practices for First Affirmative Financial Network. The company's LEED certified headquarters in Colorado Springs offsets their electricity use with wind power and commits to recycling and conserving as part of their daily business operations. The company also partners with sustainable and green initiatives including Green America and the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

It is increasingly true that money and influence go together. By becoming a socially responsible investor with First Affirmative Financial Network, you can be sure your money is used to support the companies with the social and environmental business practices that matter most to you, while also growing a financially sound investment portfolio.

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