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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST

Food and Drink

NatureBoxFeb 2, 2015
Delivering Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy can be a challenge, especially between meals. When hunger hits, it becomes much more difficult to ignore those high-sugar, high-carb snacks that call your name. The best way to block the siren song of corn chips or donuts? Have a healthy snack on hand when your stomach starts growling.

Buying the right foods at the grocery store can be tricky. Not everyone has the time or desire to spend the majority of a shopping trip reading ingredient lists in the middle of the aisle. If eating healthy (even between meals) is your goal, a new company called NatureBox may be exactly what you need to get your eating habits in line with that goal.

NatureBox, created by Gautam Gupta, is a company that offers a monthly subscription to healthy snacks. For a flat fee of $19.95, you get five full-size snacks mailed to you monthly. Gupta spoke with Henry Greenstein of saying "Snacking is one of the leading causes of obesity in America, and it is ubiquitious. If we start a business focused on a behavior almost everyone has, we can expand from there.

Are you gluten or dairy intolerant? NatureBox offers over sixty snacks without those ingredients. If you are looking for an especially low calorie snack, there are several of those as well. You can also choose snacks that are soy, nut and egg free. Many people are concerned about GMOs in their food, so NatureBox carries a large selection of GMO free snacks.

You can also trust in NatureBox’s commitment to not only providing healthy snacks, but also to making sure their foods are all responsibly sourced. According to a May 23rd, 2013 press release, “The snacks are sourced from local growers and independent food suppliers from across the U.S. Every snack under the NatureBox brand is free from high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats and artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.”

NatureBox also caters to vegans, carrying nearly seventy vegan snack options. If you want to choose your snacks by taste preference, you can narrow your options down to tart, spicy, sweet or savory. If one of the snacks you receive in your box is something you didn’t like, NatureBox’s “Snackisfaction” guarantee will send you a different snack to replace the one that wasn’t your cup of tea.

Gupta, the founder of NatureBox, had his own struggle with healthy eating and obesity. When he was merely 12 years old he weighed a hefty 210 pounds. He strengthened his commitment to healthy habits and by the time he was nineteen he had dropped a whopping 70 pounds.  Not only is NatureBox committed to making healthy snacks available to the average Joe, they also recognize the world’s problem with true hunger. For every box delivered by NatureBox, through their collaboration with Feed America, they donate a meal to one of the millions of Americans without enough food to eat.

NatureBox recognizes that Americans that struggle with hunger and a low-income also seem to suffer from obesity, due to the lack of readily available, affordable healthy foods. NatureBox addresses this problem by providing this snack bundle which is comparable in price to the health store brands that low-income families may not live near or have access to.  What happens if you order your box of 5 for $19.95, and they are so delicious your family consumes them in one week? You have two other options. You can subscribe for 10 packs at $29.95 or 20 packs for $49.95. Some businesses are subscribing for the 20 packs to give their employees a healthy snack option at work.

If snacking is squashing your health goals, look no further than NatureBox. It simplifies and makes convenient the tricky art of snack buying, as well as ensuring that you have responsibly sourced, healthy snacks on hand at all times. You can also feel good about helping hungry Americans who need help whenever you purchase from NatureBox.

Having a wide variety of healthy, tasty snacks can help you stay on track with your health. The convenience of having a steady supply of healthy snacks in your home is the perfect reason to order a subscription with NatureBox.  Happy, healthy snacking!


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