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November 23, 2017 / 8:20 am EST


Argington Furniture
Argington FurnitureAug 21, 2011
Modern Design with a Low Environmental Impact


When artist Jennie Argie and architect Andrew Thornton had their first child, an idea was also born. In order to provide other parents with beautiful, safe, environmentally-minded children’s furniture, the couple launched Argington Furniture. With a designer’s eye for high-end modern design and a parent’s care for the health of babies and children, Argington bridges the gap between eco-consciousness and aesthetically pleasing modern design. Yes, you really can have both.

At Argington, Jenny and Andrew create each piece carefully. Jenny is tasked with producing the designs, whether for bed, crib, high chair, or toy-box. She and Andrew then bring the concept to completion by combining the clean tasteful design plan with environmentally friendly materials with consideration for ease of use for both parent and child. The outcome is a sustainable, durable, beautiful piece that parents will be happy to put on display or incorporate into their design scheme.

The same care and forethought used for each piece of furniture is also used in the production phase. All furniture is made using solid birch wood, sustainably harvested and renewable. Solid birch wood helps to avoid the use of typical engineered MDF or particleboard, which often contains formaldehyde or VOC (volatile organic compound) heavy finishes. These materials and finishes have been shown to put children at risk for respiratory problems, allergies, asthma and a variety of other medical issues. Symptoms range from runny noses to headaches and, in extreme cases, liver and kidney damage. In contrast, Argington strives to make their furniture safe for families and safe for the environment.

It all begins with the materials. The birch wood has an E-zero qualification that guarantees zero percent formaldehyde emissions. All other materials used in the construction of Argington furniture, such as glues and finishes, are all HAP (hazardous air pollutant) free, 100% non-toxic and low VOC. Argington’s bedding is 100% certified organic cotton, all natural, and uses low impact dyes. And Argington’s commitment to sustainable living continues at the manufacturing facility where all processes are set up to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

Even the Argington website allows the consumer to experience the company’s simple design-minded aesthetic. Here you will find the story behind the products and a simple navigation displaying pictures and descriptions of all of the products. If you are looking for bedroom furniture, you will find stylish cribs, bassinettes, toddler beds and bunk beds. All pieces have clean lines and a modern sensibility. Within each collection, you will see pieces designed to fit together and become part of any design scheme. Parents can choose a simple bookshelf, chest of drawers, changing table, toybox, or nightstand to complete their child’s bedroom.

Other offerings from Argington include bedding and quilts. You can choose from themes such as dinosaurs, fish and pebbles, or hearts and flowers. Again, the simple modern graphics are not done in a typical “cute” children’s print, but in chic, graphic style. 

To furnish your children’s rooms you do not need to compromise your sense of design. Nor do you have to worry about purchasing furniture that uses materials that are harmful to your child’s health. You can now have an eco-friendly set of children’s furniture that also features high profile design features.  For more information about Argington Furniture, visit their website at




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