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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST


Artterro Eco Art Kits
Artterro Eco Art KitsApr 16, 2013
Awaken Your Child's Green Creativity

Kids are a naturally creative bunch, and it seems parents are always searching for new ways to help encourage that creativity. Who among parents hasn't bought that new flashy, colorful box that claims to be filled with hours of creative fun, only to have a box full of plastic packaging and a "cookie-cutter" project that was done in an instant, or left in the dust by an uninterested child? Creative kids love interesting, fun, eye-catching materials that inspire their minds and engage their fingers, but it seems that the kits sold by many companies aren't created for this purpose. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to encourage your child's natural creative imagination while helping preserve the Earth's natural resources? There is. . .with Artterro's Eco Art Kits!

Like many ideas for great products, Artterro's Art Kits were inspired by a frustrated mom who knew what she wanted to provide to her children but found it didn't exist. In 2006, Forrest Espinoza sought out fun and engaging art kits for her two young boys and, like many parents, found products that didn't live up to their promises, or didn't exist at all! After too many times bringing home cheap plastic toys, Forrest decided that she could create the product she was looking for and set to work building her first art kits right in her kitchen.

From the beginning, the focus was not on the eye-catching package, but rather the contents of that package: interesting, fun, beautiful, open-ended materials that encouraged children to explore and create whatever their hearts desired. Soon, Forrest met graphic designer Jennifer Conn, and the two moms began collaborating on Jennifer's idea. Their small company outgrew the kitchen table and has become a successful, award-winning, earth-friendly company. “We believe everyone is born creative, and the kits we saw on the market did not encourage true self-expression,” says founder and CEO Forrest Espinoza.  “By focusing on inspiring materials and an open-ended creative process, we provide an authentic, engaging art experience kids and creative adults love.”

As much as the two partners wanted to provide beautiful, fun materials, they were also conscious of their impact on the world and their social responsibilities as a company. Although small, their company could still have a large impact, and they were determined to make a positive one. They started with the materials they sourced for their kits. 100% post-consumer handmade paper from India and Thailand. 100% wool felt from Nepal. Tissue paper from France, hand-dyed fabrics, wooden and glass beads, high quality acrylic paint, jewelry and copper wire, these are the ingredients that make up an Artterro Eco Art kit. Because much of the materials are handmade or uniquely created, like snowflakes, no two Artterro kits are alike! Your children will love the look and feel of the materials in each of the 12 available kits . . . usually the contents of the box are so enticing that the whole family wants to participate in creating their own artwork.   

The contents of the kits are what counts, but the packaging of the kits and how they are assembled are also important at Artterro. The company has developed a relationship with Goodwill Industries of South Central Wisconsin, where the kits are put together by people with disabilities. The packaging is carefully designed to be eco-friendly, with the use of 100% recycled boxes, materials printed on recycled paper, and vegetable based inks. Even in-store display racks for the company are made from renewable bamboo! “Artterro’s social mission defines our products,” says Espinoza.  “We know we can change the world by helping people tap into their creativity, and we know we can accomplish that sustainably.  That’s why Artterro kits are assembled by hand in the US, we use beautiful, natural and recycled materials and our minimal, recycled packaging is also a bonus project: boxes transform into frames for finished artwork."

There's nothing more exciting to a parent than seeing their child happily engaged in the creative process, where they can watch the sparkle in their eyes as they develop work that is uniquely theirs. Being able to do that with fun materials that are beautiful and eco-friendly is the bonus that has made Artterro the winner of several product awards. More importantly, it has won the company the devotion of happy parents across the country who get to watch as the ideas from their children's imagination come to life.


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