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January 20, 2018 / 12:28 pm EST


Kids Konserve
Kids Konserve Jan 21, 2012
Making School Lunch Greener

In school, many children learn the three R’s early: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now Kids Konserve products are helping them put their knowledge to use. The line of reusable lunch tote kits and other individual items such as drink containers, cloth napkins and drinking straws give kids a concrete way to combat the issue of excessive waste during school lunch. And the best part is, these kid-friendly items make reusing and doing good for the planet fun!


Why is school lunch waste an issue? For starters, according to the founders of Kids Konserve, Chance Claxon and Lynn Julian, one child is responsible for 67 pounds of lunch trash during a single year. That figure becomes even more sobering when you see that it adds up to 18,760 pounds of trash for an average sized elementary school every year and results in 3.5 billion pounds of garbage in landfills nationally every year from children’s lunches alone. Lynn and Chance decided there had to be a better way, one that reduced the enormous amounts of garbage generated by kids lunches, and also made it easier on families who were buying foil, baggies, plastic wrap and other products that were simply used once and thrown away.


After researching the issue and talking with moms and their kids, the two moms decided to start a business that solved the problem. Kids Konserve launched in August of 2008, offering reusable lunch items for kids using eco-friendly materials that were durable, waste-free and, best of all, fun! The brand’s signature Waste-free Lunch Kit is an all-in-one fix for replacing all those bags and wrappers. It comes complete with a cotton lunch tote, a cloth napkin, a Food Kozy wrap, two stainless steel containers with plastic lids and a stainless steel lunch container. The kits feature fun designs such as caterpillars and butterflies, plus each comes with an aluminum name tag to insure your child’s lunch kit never gets lost.


In addition to the signature kit, the Kids Konserve website offers other convenient reusable items such as individual stainless steel containers, drink bottles and even drinking straws, along with useful items such as sweat-free ice packs. All the items are made with recycled cotton, recycled aluminum, 100% recycled plastic bottles or food grade stainless steel, and are BPA, lead and phthalate free. If you are planning a birthday party, the Party Pak will handily replace all those paper plates and plastic tableware typically used at parties. The Pak features 25 plastic dishwasher safe plates, cups and utensils, all in a drawstring bag for easy storage. Kids can still have a great time and have a birthday party that is better for the environment.


Although the Kids Konserve brand offers convenient, environmentally friendly products, the company's founders wanted to provide more that just a product. Since the company is based on the mission of protecting the planet through reducing waste, the founders also provide educational information to families about environmental responsibility through their website, monthly Knewsletter, blog and on social networks. Plus, they work with schools directly through educational outreach projects. Their "Waste-Free Challenges" benefit schools by offering a percentage of sales to participating schools. The company is doing good in more ways than simply offering an environmentally friendly product. Instead Kids Konserve is educating and inspiring children to become well versed in those three R's: reducing waste, reusing and recycling.


Many parents believe in the importance of making sure their children eat healthy foods, and get them excited about foods through gardening or visiting farms and farmer's markets. Now, instead of putting all those great snacks and lunches into plastic bags or wrappers that end up in landfills, Kids Konserve offers healthy, safe containers that enable children to take an active role in protecting the planet now and into the future.

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