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November 23, 2017 / 8:21 am EST


Little YOLO: The Sprout Collection
Little YOLO: The Sprout CollectionDec 9, 2008



Like many of the best things in life, the Sprout Collection came about organically. “Pregnant women and women with small children naturally gravitate to our product because of what is not in it,” says YOLO Colorhouse representative Valerie Fishman. “Creating a color palette specifically designed for children was a natural progression.”

YOLO is a sustainable paint manufacturer, so the question of what’s not in the product is certainly a pressing one for consumers. The answer is volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic compounds that are released into the atmosphere by most household paints. YOLO paints, which have a 100% acrylic base, were specially formulated by a team of artists and scientists to perform at least as well as traditional paints, but without any of the usual harmful chemicals.

The company’s color palette is another innovative touch. Founders Virginia Young and Janie Lowe (the “Yo” and “Lo” in “YOLO”) have always been inspired by the palette of nature. While developing their paints, they even created a studio wall striped with natural clays from the painted hills of Oregon.

Today, Colorhouse hues are still organized according to how they might occur in a natural environment, in collections such as ocean, canyon, stone, petal, and yes, clay. It’s possible to view these palettes on the YOLO website, but it’s not recommended. Instead, poster-sized, hand-painted swatches are available, to try out in different parts of a room and get a more realistic idea of how the color will look on the walls.

The Sprout Collection, designed especially for children’s spaces, features a rainbow of playful pastels. Like all the YOLO colors, they were designed to harmonize in any combination, which may help parents feel more comfortable about setting kids free to pick their favorites. All Little YOLO paints have a durable, washable satin finish, easily able to withstand years of fun.
So, with this seemingly complete and increasingly popular product line, what’s next for YOLO? “Of course we are always working on new products, but I can’t mention them in print!” says Fishman. “The simplest answer is that our commitment to offering quality products and sustainable business solutions will always be our top priority. We are continually researching technological advances that make our product line ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental responsibility.”

By Laura Gyre

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