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November 23, 2017 / 8:21 am EST


Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun Dough
Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun DoughJan 12, 2010
Eco-Friendly Playtime

Play dough is a timeless play date companion that has provided young children with hours of creative, educational fun.  Both homemade and store bought varieties have been available for many years and are typically non-toxic and kid-friendly.  Traditional play dough, however, contains preservatives, binders, and other not-so-friendly ingredients – not to mention the petroleum based plastic and wasted paper contained in the packaging. 

Miss Brittany, a New York City preschool teacher with a Master’s Degree in early childhood education, has introduced a completely eco-friendly alternative to traditional play dough – Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough, an all-natural, handmade modeling clay that is environmentally responsible from start to finish. 

About Organic Fun Dough

Available in 5 vivid colors, Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough is handmade in Chicago, Illinois from a small selection of kosher, organic ingredients.  Perfectly Pink, Going Green Green, Oh My Goodness Orange, Purple Power, and Blueberry Bounce (only available in the Fun Dough gift set) are created with just the right amount of nontoxic liquid watercolor.  No additives or preservatives are included in this organic play dough.

The Packaging

Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough is 100% eco-friendly – and that means the packaging as well as the product.  Each 7-ounce container of organic play dough is stored inside a biodegradable, corn-based plastic cup with recycled labels that are printed with soy ink.  Miss Brittany’s best seller, the organic fun dough gift set, is also packaged in eco-friendly, recycled materials and features a cute and durable ‘Eco-Grosgrain’ ribbon handle (made of recycled plastic bottles) on the box.  

The Products

Organic Fun Dough can be found in 2-color fun packs, either pink and orange or purple and green, or can be purchased as a gift set, including 3 containers of eco-friendly play dough (purple, green, and blue), as well as an organic cotton play apron, a small wooden rolling pin, and 4 wooden shape stampers – all made in the U.S.  Miss Brittany also offers a unique Make –A-Mess activity mat, a nonstick hard surface made of recycled rubber tires that is ideal for playing with dough. 

Where to Buy

All of Miss Brittany’s organic play dough products can be purchased through the organic fun dough website or at several select retail locations throughout the US and parts of Canada. 

By Danielle Bullard



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